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Available to over 60 million Global Roku TV viewers. Your video will stream on the 360 Network and iDefine TV Roku channels continuous 24 hours a day.


Professionally written, interesting, engaging, and newsworthy on any aspect of your business. Also, your press release will be distributed across multiple online press release directories.


High definition produced 60 second video: Includes voice over, background music, stock footage, your logo, URL and
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Mass social media promotion to over 100K potential new clients. Including a high definition graphic to promote your broadcasting on America's #1
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What Can You Submit To Air?

We are accepting informative, educational and inspirational content, such as, presentations, interviews, and tutorials. The topics can be on business, health & wellness, family, relationships, and motivation.

Or You Can Be Interviewed!



At least 10 minutes. It will available to all Roku viewers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia, and more.

No. All video content must be viewed and approved before airing.

Book your interview or submit your prerecorded video, professional high definition headshot, transparent company logo, and a one-time investment of $500. This is a limited-time offer for the first 100, as this has a value of $2,500.

All submitted video content must meet the following requirements. If any submitted content does not meet the following specification you will be notified for resubmission.


Video File Type: MP4
Resolution: 720p HD (no more than 1080p HD)
Aspect Ratio: Video at 1280 x 720 has an aspect ratio of 16:9 (widescreen)

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It is the fastest-growing streaming media platform in America, today with over 60 million active viewers. This streaming TV platform is used to view Hulu, Netflix, Discovery+, and many other streaming videos and audio channels similar to the 360 Network and iDefine TV through any television.